If ever you think that your life has no direction or you are lacking of focus, then it will be smart to get professional help in form of a life coach. Whether you believe it or not, there are so many coaches that could be helpful in relationship issues, emotional distress and so forth. In this article, it is focused on helping you to find life coaches who are certified and qualified to help you out. So if you are unsure of how you can find one, then this is going to be a nice starting point.


Number 1. Qualifications


First things first, life coaches at this website who are reliable and good should have basic proof of ability and at the same time, competence from a highly academic field. Not all the life coaches have got a background in psychology but it is imperative for the counselor you will be choosing to possess skill in this area. The best coaches you can hire are the ones who got masters or doctoral degree. These said titles can be seen clearly on their CV in form of PhD, M.A and so forth.


Number 2. Clinical Certifications


The next integral thing that you need to be mindful about in a life coach is the certifications they have that are given by known institutions. Therapists, counselors and life coaches as well need additional training on top of the university education they have and getting acknowledgments from leading psychological institutions which serves as proof that they have done formal training.


For sure, you'll be surprised in discovering that there are various recognized institutions that award these accreditations to the psychologists.

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Number 3. Experience


Lastly, you need to find someone from who has got long years of experience in life coaching. Meeting a coach who has worked in a counseling center for several years does not vouch that they have the experience needed to help you in your situation. This is something that you have to work out on.



Keep in mind that a seasoned life coach should be the one who has worked for different clinical therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists or counselor in full time in various institutions. Yes it is true that they need to carry the qualifications but you must know as well that it is integral for them to have practical experience in this field. So long as the life coach you are talking to are actively working as one, then you can be sure that they're right for you.